Online Wholesale Shopping is A Boon For Business


The online wholesale market is such a big market and it can rise more in coming years. It is also helpful for offline clothing business to grow. These days online wholesale shopping is at the boom and most of the retailers love to do wholesale shopping. The foremost reason for this change is wholesale clothing which is cheaper as you save traveling time and expenses. Online wholesale shopping can be a boon to your business too. So here are more reasons that are why you should go for online wholesale shopping for your business:


Earlier retailers have to go in different cities to buy stock for their business but as online shopping came it has become so convenient for them to find clothes online and can order them. It will also save retailers time.

And also there will be more variety to choose from and they will display all their products online so it will become more convenient for retailers to choose from and this will result in good sales and profit making.


Online availability itself adds variability to your business style. The customer cannot question about price as you have a proof to show them online that how much price is quoted and how much you are selling them. Nowadays everybody is using the internet so customers are aware what all brands are going on these days!. So your product will automatically get more importance and this branding(importance) will result into a profitable business. You don’t have to do much marketing!!!


Nowadays, people are brand conscious as they want to wear clothes which have some brand and if you will buy your stock online then your stock will be latest and branded clothes to sell. Your competitors will contain all the old and boring stuff so people will prefer to buy clothes from you. This will result in less competition as your stuff will be better than other offline wholesale buyers. It will also boost your sales and in future will expand. So it’s a good choice if you want to boost your business.


You can also diversify your stock from time to time according to your customer needs. In this way you are doing your business as well as taking care of your customer needs will boost up your sales and then you can expand your business in regions too.


With Online wholesale shopping size of networking will increase, in turn, helps them to increase your sales. And once your business will reach a certain height, it will increase your business credibility so in turn, you can charge different rates once you have become a brand in the market and then apply more tactics to increase your sales. It will be a great incentive for your business.


You can compare products and also with different wholesalers by sitting at a place and just with a single click. And also you are able to know about international trends that what’s going on!!. If you purchase stock in offline mode sometimes stock which you want is not there and it is out to of stock. To save yourself from these type of situations it’s good to go for online wholesale shopping which will save your time, money, energy, etc.

Wholesale kurtis, suits, sarees, western wear, home decor items, footwears etc. are available on various online wholesale clothes shops where you get cheaper, better and easier procurements.


For retailers how easy online wholesale buying is?

Retailers are always worried about their profitability and the satisfaction of their customers. The customer is the actual boss who is responsible for the loss or profit of the business. With the rapid change in the behavioral pattern of customers worldwide, it is difficult for retailers to keep up with shopping demands of customers.

The retailer has to travel extensively to fill up their shops with the adequate amount of latest as well as essential clothing items. Not every wholesaler keeps all the items, thus he has to travel to different wholesalers for different requirements. The biggest problem occurs when he doesn’t find either the required item or the adequate amount of item after so much hard work. This all leads to wastage of Money as well as of Time.

The minimum order requirement to buy directly from manufacturers is high. Thus, retailers prefer to buy from wholesalers. A wholesaler offers the flexibility to buy either small or large quantity and also offers price discounts. But there is large number of wholesalers in between the manufacturer and the retailer, which leads to fewer profit margins for retailers.

What if you as a retailer get almost every type of clothing item for every season as well as for every event on a single platform just like an ordinary e-commerce?

It is not a dream, it is a reality. The way an individual shops at various E-Commerce websites and gets their products delivered at their doorsteps; the retailer can also shop like this. There is an online website named Wholesalebox that has a wide variety of wearable clothes and accessories for men, women as well as for kids with better quality, for retailers at the lowest wholesale price. It bridges the gap between manufacturers/ big wholesalers and retailers and provides facility to deliver the order at the chosen place. Retailers can order in bulk from a huge collection of designs and varieties from different sourcing locations under one place and can save 25% – 35% procurement cost on every order.

Similar to various E-commerce portals, various online wholesalers also have their own user – friendly application software that helps users to easily order the products from their mobile phones.

To order, simply, they have to sign up (if first time) or Login on the website or app using his mobile number or email address. Select designs which he wishes to place the order for, and add them to his cart. Once the selection is completed, go to cart, click checkout and follow the steps to place the order and get Door Delivery done. Shopkeepers can sell trendy, fashionable clothes and accessories to their customers easily.

Isn’t that it is so easy to use the web interface for online wholesale buyers? What are you waiting for? Start ordering the products in bulk with the guaranteed lowest prices from online wholesalers like WHOLESALEBOX and increase your profit margin.

What are the different Types of dupattas for women

Whenever we hear the word dupatta, an image of a semi- transparent piece of cloth flowing in the air gracefully arises in our mind. Dupatta holds an indispensable place in the ethnic wear and adds to the feminine beauty. It has always graced the traditional clothes, i.e. Salwar Kameez and lehenga in different patterns and styles.

Following are some beautiful and evergreen dupattas which every woman should possess:

• Bandhani dupatta: They are available in different types of colors and designs. Any color bandhani dupatta on white Salwar Kameez is very popular among young girls. When you don’t have a matching dupatta then multi- colored bandhani dupattas will solve your problem.


• Banarasi Silk Dupatta: Banaras is famous for its traditional silk weaving. An intricately designed dupatta from Banaras is apt to carry during festival days to appear more traditional. It is available both in silver and golden zari.


• Booti Dupatta: These dupattas have light and small bootis of embroidery work or stone work on entire fabric. They range between heavy and simple dupattas.  Booti dupattas are apt during social gatherings, pre wedding events and family functions.



• Chanderi Dupatta: Chanderi, a district of Madhya Pradesh, is one of the handloom clusters, famous for its traditional Chanderi fabric for dupattas and sarees. The glossy transparency and sheer texture of Chanderi dupatta make it felicitous during the party and festive days in the summers.


• Kutch embroidery Dupatta: It is the traditional hand woven embroidery of Kutch in Gujarat. It uses vibrant color threads to create various designs and motifs and small mirrors are sewn in between to give glaring effect. These dupattas go well with simple suits due to its heavy and colorful work.


• Mirror work Dupatta: Small pieces of mirrors are embroidered with bright color threads on different types of fabrics to give a dazzling gaze. The regular use monotonous color dupatta can be replaced by a light work mirror embroidery dupatta to look appealing.


So, start collecting these dupattas and show the world a new way of dressing by being stylish and traditional at the same time. Retailers now can do wholesale shopping of Dupattas through online wholesalers Till then stay healthy and keep shopping!!

6 mistakes shopkeepers make when they purchase stocks

giphy“The sales may be up or down, but the service never stops” is the retail business. The main motto of shopkeepers is to earn profits like other businesses, but sometimes they may fail to make profits. Even after lots of efforts some of the retailers may fail in their businesses due to lack of knowledge. All the businesses are different, have their own demands, stock purchase limitations and it is very important for shopkeepers understand the demands, respective goals for a successful business. The most common mistakes in stock purchase and their solutions are mentioned below:

1. Wrong Planning: Shopkeepers are busy people and because of work load they forget to prioritize right things. They don’t have proper to do list as they forget most of the things. This has major impact on inventory management because they forget to buy necessary items. Always, prioritized things rather than being concentrated on one work, check out what is necessary then plan accordingly. Keep a check on your stock, make sure you are aware of items which are more in demand and which are high priority items of stock.

2. Lack of marketing Knowledge: When you are not aware of market rates and wholesalers who can provide best quality stuff then it may lead to business failure. Those who are just the beginners in this field need to be aware of fact who are the best wholesalers for your business and the return on investment of once you travel for new inventory. To solve all these problems online wholesalers are available who can provide you goods at low prices with home delivery options. You need not to worry about the rates and trust.

3. Unnecessary stock collection: Mostly shopkeepers buy lots of stock at a time, which is the biggest concerns for fashion retailers. Fashion keeps on changing and if there is a strict need to change in your stock as fashion changes. You need to upgrade fresh stocks regularly. Many retailers nowadays are looking to buy from online wholesale suppliers for such issue which is a nice option.

4. Trends updates missing: Businessman may have sound knowledge of sales, but if they are not aware of the fashion trends, then most of the time customers will leave their shops empty hands. There are trends changing every now and then, especially in case of fashion clothes. It is hard to keep yourself updated with the trends until and unless you have time. The best way to get rid of this problem is to order from online wholesalers who have the latest collection and you can always order whenever there is a demand for any specific product.

5. Untrained Staff: Usually shopkeepers spend a lot on infrastructure and forget to train the sales team. It’s good to have High-Fi infrastructure, but if sales associates are not capable enough to sell then it’s all in-vain. The sales people make the brand image and they are the ones who keep you updated with customer likes and dislikes. Keep asking them about customers choices and what are the deficient items in stock. The sales persons are the real faces of your store so it’s crucial to train old as well as new hiring’s.

6. Missing Competitor information: Competitor information is required for more profitable business. Keep yourself updated with what is going on in your surroundings because if you have the same store collection nearby your store then it will not at all be fruitful. So make sure that you are ready competitor analysis data before buying stock.

Stock Management and buying a stock is one of the most crucial tasks to follow. Most of the shopkeepers ignore it and there is a strict need to follow it. The shopkeepers need to purchase it at minimum cost and sell the products at high costs. There should be a limited stock collection, whether you buy it online or offline. The retail market is huge, having a tough competition and if you do not buy stock properly, then you are out of the left behind.

Make Your Summers Lively With Floral Prints

Flowers are blossoming that means summers have started and worry about how to be stylish in this hot and sweaty climate has also been started. Summer fashion is incomplete without bright floral prints. Floral prints are popular in Women Clothes from the vintage to Bollywood era till now. When you get exhausted in this warm climate, prints of colorful flowers on fabrics give a soothing feel.

Floral prints will always be the best choice to wear during summers. These prints are available in almost every form of clothing being it ethnic saree or western dress.

Floral Sarees

Floral printed sarees in georgette and crepe are light to wear and make you look lively. You can either opt for full floral pattern saree or a plain saree with the only floral border.

floralsaree1  floralsaree

Floral Kurtis

Floral prints on Kurtis can be worn as semi – formally or casually.  They can be worn in colleges with palazzos for a stylish look.


Floral Western wearfloraldress1

Bright color floral printed tops make you comfortable and relax during a day out in this warm climate. They can be paired with jeans or jeggings. Floral prints on pastel shades dresses are very popular among young girls. They can be worn casual get together or shopping.

The best part of floral prints is that they can be styled up with minimum accessories, and it suits to all body types of every age. They are casual and joyful prints. Wear these prints in breathable fabrics like cotton, chiffon, linen, rayon and georgette. Also, you can order these floral designed clothes on Wholesalebox.

Style your summer with evergreen floral prints to look energetic and radiant like the Sun. Till then stay healthy and keep shopping!