For retailers how easy online wholesale buying is?

Retailers are always worried about their profitability and the satisfaction of their customers. The customer is the actual boss who is responsible for the loss or profit of the business. With the rapid change in the behavioral pattern of customers worldwide, it is difficult for retailers to keep up with shopping demands of customers.

The retailer has to travel extensively to fill up their shops with the adequate amount of latest as well as essential clothing items. Not every wholesaler keeps all the items, thus he has to travel to different wholesalers for different requirements. The biggest problem occurs when he doesn’t find either the required item or the adequate amount of item after so much hard work. This all leads to wastage of Money as well as of Time.

The minimum order requirement to buy directly from manufacturers is high. Thus, retailers prefer to buy from wholesalers. A wholesaler offers the flexibility to buy either small or large quantity and also offers price discounts. But there is large number of wholesalers in between the manufacturer and the retailer, which leads to fewer profit margins for retailers.

What if you as a retailer get almost every type of clothing item for every season as well as for every event on a single platform just like an ordinary e-commerce?

It is not a dream, it is a reality. The way an individual shops at various E-Commerce websites and gets their products delivered at their doorsteps; the retailer can also shop like this. There is an online website named Wholesalebox that has a wide variety of wearable clothes and accessories for men, women as well as for kids with better quality, for retailers at the lowest wholesale price. It bridges the gap between manufacturers/ big wholesalers and retailers and provides facility to deliver the order at the chosen place. Retailers can order in bulk from a huge collection of designs and varieties from different sourcing locations under one place and can save 25% – 35% procurement cost on every order.

Similar to various E-commerce portals, various online wholesalers also have their own user – friendly application software that helps users to easily order the products from their mobile phones.

To order, simply, they have to sign up (if first time) or Login on the website or app using his mobile number or email address. Select designs which he wishes to place the order for, and add them to his cart. Once the selection is completed, go to cart, click checkout and follow the steps to place the order and get Door Delivery done. Shopkeepers can sell trendy, fashionable clothes and accessories to their customers easily.

Isn’t that it is so easy to use the web interface for online wholesale buyers? What are you waiting for? Start ordering the products in bulk with the guaranteed lowest prices from online wholesalers like WHOLESALEBOX and increase your profit margin.


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